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Measurement and reporting of sustainability indicators are an indispensable basis for the effective sustainability management of companies. But what is being achieved with those indicators? This is the question that impact measurement addresses.

Initial situation

The client is a bank that already reports comprehensively on its sustainability activities and communicates transparently. Besides, it is particularly committed to consistently implementing sustainability in its business model. The question the bank asked itself was how to measure a consistent step towards a quantitative recording and the evaluation of the impact of its activities.


The first step was to define the possibilities of impact measurement and to come as close as possible to a real impact in terms of the iooi-methodology. The target figures were to be operationalized in concrete terms. Impact measurement should not be based on the usual extrapolations but real data from corporate customers. A portal solution should be developed for this purpose. Finally, the instrument should be suitable for building a community with crucial added value (e.g., by providing benchmark data).


Initially, the development of target images aimed to meet the impact objectives in different industries. Based on this, the development of target figures and indicators followed, which defined the impact for stakeholders as precisely as possible. These were integrated into a portal solution to enable concrete measurement of impact indicators in the application process.

By collecting real data, no extrapolations or approximate solutions were necessary. Further information relevant to the application was also digitalized. Finally, the application process was redefined, and responsible employees were continuously involved. Various community measures helped not only to convince the customers but also to inspire them.

Impact measurement is an essential and target-oriented addition to sustainability management. It leads to customers and employees understanding the meaning and significance of the measures and experiencing them as authentic, motivating, and differentiating. We recommend having the courage to take this step consistently.

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