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How much sustainability can an as critically classified industry tolerate? Is a portfolio strategy with a focus on sustainable products a danger or rather an opportunity? How do you position the production and sale of these products?

Initial situation

In the family-run company, sustainability in internal structures and processes is lived comprehensively, and in recent years the company has been working on it even more intensively. That leads to an obvious question: How far can this position be lived in the portfolio offered? In a market that is mostly determined by disposable goods, are there adequate sustainable offers available at all? Is it possible to reach a substantial part of the customers? And how can the transformation process between risk and opportunity be managed internally cautiously but decisively?


The project aimed to answer the above questions and to describe a roadmap for the step-by-step-establishment of a best practice company in the field of credible sustainability.


The result is currently still visible on the market. The segment of sustainable products successively expanded in the portfolio. Sustainability is now an essential part of the brand and its internet presence as well as successfully lived in sales. In addition to improving the company’s market position, this strategic path has paid off through the positive effects on culture and employer branding.

If you would like to examine the possibilities of a market-oriented sustainability positioning, if you want to have a clear view of the risks and opportunities, please contact us.

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