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Followed by the creation of a comprehensive CR strategy, an international textile company summarizes the results in a sustainability report to provide employees, customers, and investors with extensive information.

Initial situation

While large, capital market-oriented companies have been obliged to disclose non-financial information since 2018, companies that are not on the capital market also want to transparently demonstrate how they deal with social, ecological, and economic challenges. Especially in the textile trade, this is increasingly demanded by customers, but also by business partners, investors, and employees. To meet this growing demand, but also to make its efforts visible and avoid a possible extension of the reporting obligation, concern was commissioned by an international textile company to compose a sustainability report. Its basis was the CR strategy that concern had previously developed for the company.


In addition to developing a coherent concept for the report, the relevant objectives of the project included the selection of a suitable sustainability reporting standard and the establishment of a substantial database as a control instrument for sustainability performance.


Finally, following the chosen standard and the set strategic goals, relevant data has been collected, information gathered, key figures determined, and internal company processes and procedures examined. For the creation of texts and graphics, we have chosen an appropriate balance between advertising and factual language. The result is a comprehensive sustainability report

according to the standard of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), which not only fulfills the requirements of the CSR Directive Implementation Act but also serves as a means of communication with key stakeholders. At the client’s request, it was also possible to have an auditing company conduct the audit of the report.

We encourage companies to summarize their sustainability activities in a sustainability report for all relevant stakeholder groups. The process of doing so is usually very instructive for the analysis of the risks and opportunities for sustainability in the company. We are happy to support you in this process.

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