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Many districts are facing major challenges such as demographic change. The initiation of regional transformation processes aims to strengthen the regional economy and increase the attractiveness of regions. Ultimately, however, it is also a matter of “regional self-confidence” and “regional identity” that can overcome challenges like the shortage of skilled workers and make the region attractive for returnees and newcomers. Current studies show that regions have an immense potential for attractiveness.

Initial situation

Most districts are severely affected by demographic change due to current forecasts. Since the turn of the millennium, population has been steadily declining in numerous regions. While cities and metropolitan areas are steadily growing, rural areas are tending to lose inhabitants and are aging at the same time. According to the latest results of the “Fachkräfte-Report” (Skilled Workers Report), there is a dramatic shortage of skilled workers in Bavaria, and several jobs – according to the forecast – will remain vacant. In recent years the district has developed positively in many areas and has launched numerous regional initiatives. Tourism has also been further strengthened.


Our task was to identify, sort, synchronize, and further develop existing measures and activities of the district. For this purpose, we included studies as well as own surveys, such as interviews and online surveys. Our goal was to increase the attractiveness of the eastern part of the destrict as well as to secure skilled workers – the focus lied on returnees and newcomers. Besides, further concrete measures should be initiated and partially consolidated.

The commitment of local employers and municipalities should be bundled to strengthen the eastern part of the district. Finally, essential projects for the eastern part of the district were to be initiated and implemented under the direction of the District Office and with the financial support of the home ministry.


Based on an extensive survey and analysis of urban development concepts, corporate structures, projects, initiatives, and relevant stakeholders, we have identified a portfolio of measures and quick wins and finally developed concrete activities for the district. Conducting expert interviews to determine focus topics as well as stakeholder surveys helped us to understand the region in all its complexity and to identify the necessary challenges for the development of potential. The result were measures such as projects to reconcile work and family life (e.g., through information and exchange platforms), projects for cross-school career orientation, a practical teaching day to network schools and business, and new advanced education programs. Those measures followed the aim to increase the region’s attractiveness. So far, the project already shows its positive effects in the region, and we are looking forward and are curious about the further development.

If your region is facing similar challenges, use professional regional management to secure its future. We would be happy to support you with our know-how.

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