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In the context of the diesel crisis, Peter Drucker’s famous phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast” was once again proven to be true. Integrity is the foundation of our corporate culture. But what exactly is integrity? How can integrity be managed? In this project, we got to the bottom of these exciting questions.

Initial situation

Integrity is an indispensable success factor for companies. Since employees are increasingly required to self-responsibly and flexibly act and make decisions, a clear understanding of values and rules is a basic requirement. The much-vaunted “inner compass” must work in a way that managers and employees make the right choices and correspond to the trust requirements of the customers and investors. However, the implementation is increasingly becoming a complex management task. In the VUCA world, the general conditions and objectives are changing rapidly and vehemently. Thus, a high degree of sensitivity and quick adaptability of employees and organizations is required.


Our client’s objective was to review the previous strategic approach and to identify the strengths and challenges. How are the organizational values and rule system to be evaluated? Which dilemmas and critical events does the implementation process face? What needs do managers and employees have in different kinds of situations? How do we integrate employees into the process, and how do we effectively qualify them? How well does our management concept function with this cross-cutting issue? How do we coordinate neighboring projects and cultural initiatives so that a holistic picture and understanding emerge? How do we measure and control integrity? The final targets and fields of activity were derived from the analysis of these questions. Accordingly, an agile and inclusive project setting was chosen, in which the focus was on the involvement of employees and the organization.


Projects deal partly with hard and partly with soft factors. Integrity is undoubtedly on the far right of the scale. This is always a special challenge for project managers, especially when it comes to a highly innovative strategy topic. Therefore, it was a challenge to find the right mix of methods and measures of organizational development and concrete control mechanisms.

This mixture was achieved through the interdisciplinary and agile organization of the project so that significant progress was made in areas such as the following:

  • Corporate values and principles
  • Principles and rules of conduct
  • Platforms for exchange
  • Competencies of employees which are oriented to the needs in different situations
  • Introduction of a management system
  • Networking and coordination of initiatives
  • Goals and measurement

An important learning was the holistic and networked view on the topic, which triggered many eureka moments in management and team. We are convinced that with this project we have laid the foundation for the adaptability and resilience of the organization.

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