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For a long time, corporate values seemed to be a shelf warmer. Most had them, but few in the company knew about them, let alone that they played an essential role in day-to-day operations. Steve Jobs has shown that you must ‘think differently’ about it and that by cultivating one value, you can create one of the largest companies in the world.

Initial Situation

But you do not have to look to Silicon Valley to discover the magic of values. Many family entrepreneurs run their businesses value-based. They are the constitution of business success. But what happens when these companies suddenly become board-controlled?


By transforming our client from an owner-managed to a committee-managed company, the goal was to maintain the previous value-oriented management and corporate culture and to adapt it to the new organizational framework with tact and sensitivity. The employees were to be closely involved in this process.


We used various formats and methods to take managers and employees along the way. And not only that. They turned from affected persons to participants. The advantage of a value-oriented strategy and culture in the company is that an accepted and shared framework for action exists. That is because values have the following functions:

  • Motivation function
  • Purpose function
  • Orientation function
  • Legitimacy function

This framework enables management to involve people and pass on responsibility in a trusting manner.

Make sure that your company has a strong value positioning because this is how your company can effectively shape change processes.

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