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Many banks in Germany are merging to position themselves in such a way that the diverse challenges can be solved in a forward-looking and sustainable manner. This requires the implementation of a wide range of measures, from the legal to the technical side. One essential factor that leads to the desired and planned goals not being achieved is often neglected: the consistent realignment of corporate and sales cultures with the goal of a new joint line. 

Initial situation

In the merger process, banks take different ways to bring together corporate and sales cultures. In some cases, work continues regionally according to diverse “old systems”. In other cases, the bank with the presumably better or more forward-looking concept prevails. The principle of “the best of two worlds” is generally favored, suggesting appreciation but not necessarily leading to a mutual reorientation.


Together with the bank, we have taken a new, value-based approach. The approach leads to a common understanding of attitude, action, and impact of the activity. Our initial task was to make transparent where the similarities and differences between the merged banks concretely lie. For this purpose, an expert system was used, which measures in ten fields of action in framework conditions and employee behavior.

We invited customers and employees to contribute their experiences, opinions, and suggestions along with these ten fields of action. Furthermore, we have identified differences and similarities in terms of values and objectives. In this way, we have worked out a possible new common framework.

The analyses provided concrete proposals for the reorientation of the cultures. As a result, the representatives of the merged banks were able to work together on these proposals and contribute further improvements.

Throughout the entire process, all employees needed to be informed comprehensively about the procedure and progress (e.g., via webinars on the project and the concept). They could contribute their opinions and experiences (e.g., via surveys and events) and many employees participated in agile workshops during the elaboration.


As a result, the bank has developed and achieved a real and joint realignment of the corporate and sales culture. The high level of transparency and clarity, as well as the participatory approach, have helped to avoid misunderstandings, focus on commonalities rather than differences, and establish trust among each other (especially in management). However, this approach has not only proven to be effective. It is also very efficient.

Regardless of whether your company merged recently, coherent value-based management helps to build a strong foundation for the future. We are happy to support you with our know-how.

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