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Most companies have actively addressed topics such as ethical behavior, sustainability, corporate responsibility, or the ESG strategy in recent years and have successfully implemented respective projects. Customers are asking more and more frequently. Applicants pay particular attention when choosing an employer. Have insurers prepared themselves for this? Do they use it as an opportunity to address customers and thus to position themselves credibly about their added social value?

Initial situation

A large private health insurer has dealt with these questions concerning the positioning of a product from the field of company health insurance (bKV). The bKV belongs to the crucial growth areas of private health insurance. The market is young and growing strongly. Right from the start, the insurer wanted to stand out from its competitors by paying particular attention to the needs of its customers to achieve above-average market growth and quickly position itself as one of the leading providers in this segment.


The bKV is financially attractive for employers and employees due to state subsidies. Furthermore, it complements the company pension scheme, which, in contrast to the bKV, has a very long tradition and is very widespread. Such aspects need competent and legally resilient advice but can be assumed. The aim was to find out how other areas of need could be detected and addressed by employers, employees, and sales partners in this context. Based on the megatrends sustainability and values, the potentials were not only to be analyzed but also addressed with a practically feasible approach. The insurance industry still has the image of putting self-interest first. The sales partners are only interested in quick and high commission income. Often, the significant social role of insurers is pushed to the background. How can this be resolved?


First, we analyzed the value and sustainability categories to which the SHI product contributes. In the process, we established exciting references to various globally recognized frameworks such as the medical ethical principles, the sustainability goals of the United Nations, or the German Sustainability Code.

Yet, many financial service providers often relate sustainability only to their value chain, so that they do not take the needs of their customers into account. Therefore, it was crucial to ensure an understanding of the extended value-added and to identify the added value of the product in the so-called handprint. Subsequently, the interest of sales partners and corporate customers in the product positioning was examined, which led to an overwhelming result. Finally, to make the approach accessible to sales management, sales partners, and corporate clients, the product was professionally reviewed and tested. In the process, the interrelationships were demonstrated in detail and in an understandable manner. The approach is made broadly accessible via various formats. “A whole new world has opened up for us here,” said one of the key account managers, enthusiastically talking about his new approach.

It is sometimes hard for employees in companies with traditional business models to think outside the box and be open to social trends. One is quick at clichés (“Greta topic”). Pull off the veil and discover a new world of possibilities.

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